बुधवार, जून 29, 2011

When We Choose Our Role Model

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मंगलवार, जून 28, 2011

Satta Ke Chatukaron Ke Naam

Yesterday when I started writting the blog, suddenly I recollected that in Wikipaedia page there is no mention  the poetry of Vishnuji, so I edited the Wiki page and posted that Vishnuji wrote in almost in all genres of literature including Poetry. He wrote many forceful and poignant poems."Chalta Chala Jaonga", collection of his poetry was published posthumously in 2010.

I posted the poem -

"Chuke Hue Logon Se
 Khatarnak Hain 
 Bike Hue Log
 Karte hain Vyabhichar
 Apni Hi Pratibha Se"

After posting I felt uneasy. It boiled me inside and outside. I could not do anything, pondering that something terribly wrong has happened to our class intelligentia. The use of word 'intelligentia' is perhaps misplaced. It is in fact a class of sychophants, a class of blood suckers masquerading as 'gentleman', 'elite', 'intelligentia' ...

'Ye Log Kuchh Nahin , Sirf Satta Ke Chatukar Hain'   ...

To me it appeared that the Poet has suddenly pulled the strings of  their pyzamas in the open ...

...      ....       ...       ...     ...

And all of sudden zoomed the lines of Hindi Poet 'Dhoomil' on the horizon amid incessant cries ...

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शनिवार, जून 25, 2011

Dharti Ab Bhi Ghoom Rahi Hai

(The Earth is Still Revolving)

“You will see, in mixed confusion, snatches of cutpurses, wiles of cheats, enterprises of rogues; also delicious repulsiveness, bitter sweets, foolish decisions, mistaken faith and crippled hopes, niggard charities, judges noble and serious for other men’s affairs with little truth in their own; virile women, effeminate men and voices of craft and not of mercy so that he who believes most is most fooled, and everywhere the love of gold.”
-Giordano Bruno, in The Torch-Bearer

Giordano Bruno,Italian philosopher and heretic, who also propagated the heliocentric theory of Copernicus and was early proponent of existence of other inhabited worlds, beyond our Earth, wrote these lines nearly 425 years ago, before he was burned alive at stake in early hours of 17th Feb'1600 at Campo dei Fiori (Field of Flowers), then a large open space in Rome. 

It appears, he too, was a time traveler or crystal-gazer as he must have seen our times before he wrote these lines or the saga of universal deceit, religious fanaticism, bigotry, greed and corruption continues...


Barely seven years after Indian independence, in 1954, Vishnuji wrote a short story, "Dharti ab bhi ghoom rahi hai" (Earth is still revolving), depicting degeneration of human values in our society and corruption in our bureaucracy. It is the plight of  two children, brother and sister, who after much suffering and deliberation go to the residence of  District Magistrate of the town for requesting release of their father, who worked as a clerk and was imprisoned for taking a bribe of twenty rupees.They, some how, muster courage to offer the DM a sum of Rupees 50, stating that they have heard that he had already released a dacoit after taking three thousand rupees and their father was only a clerk who took only 20 rupees as he could not manage his daily needs due to price rise. They requested but with boldness that if he feels 50 rupees are not enough, he can keep the sister  for a day or two...as he was fond of girls and used to favour and do work in exchange...

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गुरुवार, जून 23, 2011

Timeless Wanderer

Chalta Chala Jaonga...

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I'm rambler of bygone era,
Know nothing of destination,
Continuing the wanderings,
And 'll go on wandering,
From dawn to dusk,
And dusk to dawn;
From life to death,
And death to life...

-Translated in free verse
  by Sarwar Kumar

मंगलवार, जून 21, 2011

A journey which began 100 years ago

Vishnu Prabhakar (विष्‍णु प्रभाकर) (June 21, 1912 – April 11, 2009) was a veteran Hindi writer who wrote in almost all the genres such as short stories, novels, plays, biography, travelogues  and even poetry. He was a true Gandhian and stood for human and moral values throughtout his life.This blog is a personal tribute to a man who lived his life the same way as he preached.

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Today is the begining of his centenary celebrations. To mark the year long celebrations, a function was held in the auditorium of Sahitya Academy, New Delhi, in the evening, attended by luminaries in the field of arts and literature, notably, Dr.Mahip Singh, Dr.Asgar Wajahat, Dr. Raj Kumar Saini, Dr. Prabhakar Shotriya, Dr. Ashok Chakradhar, Sh.P.N.Chaturvedi, Sh.Ved Prakash Vaidic, Sh.Surendra Sharma,Dr. Ram Sharan Gaur, Dr. Urmil Satya Bhushan, Dr. Sarojani Pritam, Dr. Govind Vyas, Dr.Arvind Kumar, Dr. Rekha Vyas, Dr.Meena Paliwal, Dr.Nutan Kapoor, Sh.Prabhat Kumar, Sh.Seemab Sultanpuri, Sh.Dinesh Nautiyal, Dr. Rekha Vyas, Dr. Anil Joshi,  Ms.Munnawar Khanam, Ms.Nisha Nishant alogwith family members of Prabhakarji- Sh.Atul Prabhakar (Son), Ah.Amit Aggarwal (Son),  Ms.Archana Prabhakar (Daughter)...

His contribution to Hindi literature for over eight decades was remembered, sprinkled with personal, fond memories and his cherished ideals. Relishing was the reading of one of his stories, "Jeevan Ka Ek Aur Naam" by his daughter Ms.Archana Prabhakar who is a gifted Radio and TV artist.

Life Sketch -
Born in a middle class Vaish family of Sh.Durga Prasad and Smt.Mahadevi, on 21st June, 1911 in Mirapur  village , District Muzaffarpur of Northern Province of British India, now Uttar Pradesh, he passed Matriculation, Hindi Bhushan, Pragya, Hindi Prabhakar and degree of Bachelor of Arts.

Initially he worked for nearly 15 years from May 1929 to June 1944 in Government Cattle Farm, now Livestock Form, in different capacities of Dafftari (Office Assistant) and Clerk and as accountant in “Akhil Bhartiya Ayurved Mahamandal”. Later he joined All India Radio, Delhi (Akaashwani) as Play Director at the invitation of the government. He remained associated with Indian National Congress till 1950.

There is also one most unfortunate incident in his life when he was implicated in Mahatma Gandhi assassination case for nearly two months but was later on cleared by Intelligence agencies. What a tragic irony that a real Gandhian implicated in the murder of Gandhi!


He was married to Ms.Sushila at the age of 26 years, on 30th May’1938. After seeing lack of education among masses particularly elders she got herself involved in adult literacy and was awarded for her contributions. She left this mundane world on 08th Jan’1980 at the age of 60 years. They were bestowed with four children namely, Anita, Atul, Amit and Archana who are all well educated, married and well settled.

Literary career –

Started in the year 1926 at an early age with the publication of a letter in ‘Bal Sakha’, later in 1931 with the publication of a story ‘Diwali Ke Din’ in ‘Hindi Milap’, Lahore; his literary career spanning over eight decades covered almost all genres in Hindi Literature i.e. stories, short stories, plays, essays, biographies, autobiography, poetry, children books etc.

‘Aawara Masiha’- biography of Sharat Chandra Chatterjee and ‘Ardhnarishwar’ remain the most popular and awarded works which have also been translated into numerous Indian and foreign languages.

His works will be dealt extensively in the future posts which is the main and specific purpose of this blog, as a tribute to the man and his works, at the same time enriching both Hindi and English readers and admirers of  Vishnuji through mutual interaction .

He was an avid traveler and travelled extensively in India and abroad; particularly his travels on the trail of Sharat Babu lead to the creation of his masterpiece ‘Aawara Masiha’ which not only established him firmly into literary firmament but also induced in him the ‘Aawargi’ of ‘Aawara Masiha’.    

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Earlier Sh.Atul Aggarwal eldest son of Sh.Vishnu Prabhakar gave a glimpse of the forthcoming programmes relating to the centenary celebrations -